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Re: stop-a

Am Mittwoch, 24. November 2004 06:26 schrieb Jurzitza, Dieter:
> -> nobody but root should be able to shutdown your machine (given that the
> power knob is out of reach)

and its power cable and the fuse and...

> -> I checked both ways to turn on / turn off stop-a activity. Thanks for
> all your hints. Nevertheless this is everything but intuitive or self
> explanatory.

It's a kernel feature and there is documentation about this in the kernel 

> -> I can only say: the default ought to be "off", and, for the sake of
> simplicity in configurability I assume a script (like SuSE did) in
> /etc/init.d, controled by some environment-variable would be the best
> solution, integrated into the installation procedure.

# echo "kernel/stop-a=0" >>/etc/sysctl.conf
# sysctl -p

really too much for you?
That takes care of everything and is the way to go. Why do you need a script 
or an environment variable for this?
There are so many things in /proc/sys, do you really want to be asked about 
everyone of them at installation time? Would somehow be against the current 
road: no questions or as few as possible.


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