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Re: CD malfunction on Sarge "testing" install <Sparc>

Walt L. Williams wrote:

This may be a little off topic. I just tried to install Sarge "testing"
for Sparc which I downloaded just last on an Ultra2. I was able to
boot from the CD but afterwards it (strangely) could not find the CDROM drive which it booted from and therefore would not install. I didn't know who else to report this to so I posted it here. Could someone please let the appropriate individuals know.

Walt Williams


     I had a similar problem one of the times that I managed to get the
installer to work.  You need to go to the 2nd virtual console, and then
do an 'insmod' on a few scsi modules.  Look in /lib/modules/..../kernel/
for the appropriate ones.  Its something like sr.o and sg.o and also
crc32.o which is used by the sr.o.  I can't remember exactly as it
was a few weeks ago.  And since then I have not been able to
use the Debian Installer at all as it dies out at the point
where it does remapping of the kernel just after SILO loads
the initial ramdisk.



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