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Re: recomendation about Sparc

On 11/11/2004 10:16 AM, Cesar Alcacibar wrote:
> Hello Listers
> I write to ask youre opinion
> wahy you think is the best way to install debian on Sparc machines
> Thanx for your opinions

If your Sparc machine is in a network with internet connection, net install
will be your best option.  You only need to download the 3M "tftpboot.img".
 This will launch the installer then download another 70M of packages.  This
gives you the base installation then you can decide any additional software.

If you have to install 5 or more machines, CDROM will be a good approach
which conserves the net traffic.  Net install is more elegant and flexible
but you have to setup bootp/tftp/dhcp servers.  This is well documented in
the installation doc.  If you know how to do Solaris Net install, Linux is
very similar.

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