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Re: recomendation about Sparc

I used the 1st cd of the standard woody/sparc distro and installed a
base system and then apt-get everything into it that I need, but
Tasksel works as well for setting up your first packages...

I will say that I was at a loss for how to properly format the drive
on a sparc5 for the debian install, but ended up following some netbsd
docs on the proper way to format and partition a sun drive...

If you get hung up on the partitioning, drop me an email and I'll walk
you through it...

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 13:16:41 -0300, Cesar Alcacibar
<calcacibar@adexus.cl> wrote:
> Hello Listers
> I write to ask youre opinion
> wahy you think is the best way to install debian on Sparc machines
> Thanx for your opinions
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