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Re: Problem installing on a SparcStation 20

Am Donnerstag, 11. November 2004 13:08 schrieb Le grand pinguin:
> Well, i'll find out soon. I took the easy way and switched to a network
> installation (using rarp and tftpboot). I got a nice and (slow)running
> woody. After that i did a dist-upgrade  and had a night of dependency
> hell (circular dependency libc6 - kernel-image-2.4 - initrd - .... -
> libc6). Having to use ar and tar to get my little toy into working
> condition isn't really what i'd expect from a packaging system. BTW, what
> would be the appropriate place to report such problems. I'm not sure
> whether this is an issue of the libc6 package (that checks for the kernel
> version during installation (???)) or for apt/dpkg.

You probably simply have to install kernel-image-2.4.26 before dist-upgrade.
BTW: I used an external CD-ROM drive with my SS20 clone and installed just 
fine from CD1-20040921 (not netinst).


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