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Problems with Sarge Install on Sparcstation 5

Hello and help,
I am attempting to install Debian-Linux Sarge on a Sparcstation 5 for the 
first time.  I am doing this install via CD.  I downloaded and created a 
complete set of Sarge CD's (dated 20040926) and attempted to create an 
operating system.  This release correctly identified my hardware, partitioned 
the disk and attempted to generate the O/S.  Unfortunately, it failed on 
reboot.  The console message was "illegal instruction".  I attempted to boot 
the CD as a rescue device, the kernel panic'ed when it attempted to mount 
root.  The message was "unable to mount root fs on 00:00".  When I reviewed 
the information posted on the mailing list Blars Blarson (See 19 Oct email) 
mentioned that there were known problems with the Debian SPARC installer.  
Blars recommended that the user download a later set of CD images.  Given the 
problems I was having I assumed that I had a similar problem.  I download a 
new set of Sarge CD's (dated 20041024) and attempted another install.  This 
installation mounted the CD and booted the kernel then dropped communication 
with the CD drive during the hardware detection process.  This problem was 
documented on the mailing list.  Unfortunately, the fix identified by <insert 
name> failed to mount my CD.  
When I escaped to a terminal window and ran a "discover all command" and got 
the following report:
Toshiba XM<-410TASUNSLCD
Sun_Microsystems "Lance" 10mbit Ethernet
Sun Microsystems ESP SCSI
IBM DCAS32160 Sun 2.1g
Conner CFP1000 E Sun 1.05

I performed an lsmod.  It produced the following results:
sr_mod, cdrom, sd_mod, esp, scsi_mod, sunlance, crc3L.

I attempted to manually mount the CD.  It generated the following error 
Unable to handle kernel null pointer difference
tsk-> { mm,active mmps ->context = 00000033}
tsk-> { mm,active mmps ->pgd = fc012C00}

I have no clue on where I need to go from here!  Is it possible to override 
parts of the installer in order to get it to discover and mount the CD?  If 
not what options (short of reinstalling Solaris) do I have?
I'm completely iout of ideas........  Any suggestions?

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