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Re: Intall Debian on Sun Blade 1000

>>>>> "Sebastien" == Sebastien LANGE <doownek@free.fr> writes:

    Sebastien> Hi, I have a Sun Blade 1000 with 2G@RAM and 2 proc
    Sebastien> UltraSparc III@ 750 Mhz and 2 video card and 2
    Sebastien> harddrive (80G and 36G).  If I install the Debian with
    Sebastien> the CD (boot cdrom). I have the message : "File Data
    Sebastien> Access MMU Miss" Then I try to install with the net
    Sebastien> (boot net) but I have a problem during the installation
    Sebastien> of packages. The installaltion stop to unpack the
    Sebastien> kernel-sparc64-smp-2-4-27.  Please, could you help me ?

I have the exact same system. You need a custom kernel... I found
my first at 


Then, when you make your own kernels, you need a couple of extra patches. Start looking
at the following mailing list threads:


Don't use USB, it's not supported on the UltraSPARC III (yet)...
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