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Re: Ultra10, keyboard with 2.6.9

> When I try to boot my Ultra10 with a 2.6.9 kernel everything is fine
> until the end. When X is starting it fails, because there's no core
> pointer. But not just core pointer is missing, I cannot use my
> keyboard (SUN Type 6). Even Stop-A is not working.
> With a 2.4.27 (deb-package) everything is working great, so there is
> something wrong with my 2.6 config (manually). What do I need to
> enable to get my keyboard and mouse working with a 2.6?
> Any pointers are welcome.

Heh, was that a deliberate pun? ;-)

Erm, I think this has been covered heaps, but essentially 2.6.x needs an x86
keymap -- I simply changed my keymap to a generic x86 one, since I wasn't
going back to 2.4, but from what I've read here and elsewhere, telling your
system to ignore any lines setting your keymaps will make your keyboard
function in both kernels?

While you're at it, since you're using an Ultra10 like me, please let me
know if ALSA and the sun-cs4231 driver that comes with 2.6.9 works?


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