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Machine freezes almost deterministically

Hi all,

I'm not really sure if this is a problem of Debian, but I'll give it a try here. I'm 
using Debian Sparc 3.0_r2 out-of-the-ISOs on an Ultra 450. After some minor problems 
the basic system seems to be running decently, so I planned to install some additional 
debs (also from the official ISOs) using dselect.
Unfortunately this turned out to be rather time-consuming: When I hit the PgDown-key in 
the selection menu, my box froze and wouldn't react on any input from the keyboard (but 
I could still toggle the keyboard's LEDS). Several reboots later (it's hard to get 
unused to the PgDown-Key) I am convinced that this behaviour is _almost_ deterministic. 
Once or twice the box would survive a keypress on PgDown and seldomly it would freeze 
after (multiple fast) keypresses on the "normal" down-key. At the last freeze I was 
additionally logged in via ssh and the box didn't respond in the ssh session either. 
Finally I ditched dselect and decided to give aptitude a try (fortunately it starts 
with an "a", so I could install it without too many key-downs :-)). But after the first 
PgDown in aptitude the box froze again.
I could possibly manage to install my system by avoiding the evil PgDown-Key, but later 
on the box should be running really stable. So I would rather fix this behaviour. Any 
TIA, Merdad
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