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Re: help needed

> I want to setup windows running on my diskless nodes via windows terminal services.
You will need rdesktop.  By default Windows will not talk anything
useful to a Linux client.

> I configure LTSP server and also created a boot floppy; while booting i get the error mesage that no responce from file, that means the kernel was not found at that perticular location.
> I assign all the things correctly as per my knowledge and according to the documentation given in ltsp.org so pl help me out from this situation. Also i heard about that there is no need of linux server for this kind of configuration only the things are to be done was create a floppy or bootrom and in windows server create /tftpboot for locating kernel and add hexip file for assigning the ip addresses for the nodes with respective mac address.
Ummm... as far as I can see this doesn't have anything to do with Debian
or Sparc hardware, thus this is probably the wrong list - try asking the
LTSP mailing list.  You may well need to give them a lot more details of
the setup you are using before anyone can help.

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 - Martin

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