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Re: Testing Beta 4 on Sparc Ultra 10

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Peter wrote:

> What is this tcl version btw?
I'm not sitting in front of the box until tomorrow morning, but
I have also trouble to handle the boot screen via keyboard.
On my E250 server I was able to send the right codes via serial
line but the SUn keyboard is a real advantage for me.  Can
you tell me which key I have to press to get the boot prompt.

An extra hurdle might be that this is a German keyboard and
I guess it is not enough if you just tell me the string which
is printed in the key but I raw description of the position
of the key to press would be needed.  Sorry for this stupid
question from a i386-based person ...

Perhaps there is a quick way to find out which disks are found
at this prompt ...

Thanks for the other hints - I'll try tit soon


PS: Quick idea: Could the jumper settings of the hard disk have
    any influence?

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