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Re: E10000 available for development (trying to)

> > I think this is a problem with the larger image.
> Ok I can confirm that it is a size problem. An extremely stripped down
> version complite the boot without too many problems. Unfortunatly the logs
> i have been sending before are incomplete. I just noticed with the last
> boot that there are some spurious chars that clean the console in the
> middle.

Yeah, I saw this bug back when I was first testing larger kernel support
with silo. Seems to be a kernel bug. That migration thread starting has
a static completion struct declared in the function, and it passes that
to the new thread. The function then waits on it, and when the thread
starts it runs complete() on that struct. That info never gets back to
the main wait though.

Only thing I can see about it is that the complete struct being passed
is in the high 4Megs of the image, and that the function is in the low 4
Megs. Sounds like something Dave would have to figure out, since it
likely deals with how the TLB's for the kernel are handled.

So this alleviates the notion that it is a SILO bug, since you net
booted this larger image. Something's just broken with the big_kernel

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