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Re: boot net fails in openprom

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 15:55 CET, 
	 davis <davis@skink.net> wrote:
> So I guess I am confused by its primativeness.

So was I the first few times I tried to netboot my SS5 ;)

> Are you saying that the ss5 openprom does not support the option
> filename parameter of dhcpd?  I believe that.  I will update the setup
> for that.  However, I am not even getting to the tftp step.  I am not
> even responding to the arp request.  I thought that the dhcp package
> provided that capability.

No, dhcpd does not provide ARP/RARP capabilites. For that you have to
relay on rarpd. Becaus ARP only provides addressing information you can
not specify bootserver nor bootfile for the client to use. The server
that gives the ARP/RARP answer must also be the tftp server.

In short:

Install rarpd on your tftp server. Enter the host information into
/etc/ethers and start rarpd. Now you wold get to the tftp step. After
that you must make sure that your SS5 gets the file it requests.

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