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Re: Problems with NIC card on SPARC 20

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 08:44:46AM -0500, pete wrote:
> All:
> I recently installed Debian (Woody) on an old SPARC 20 I had laying 
> around.  Didn't do much with it for a couple of months.  When I went 
> back to connect to it (SSH), the NIC wasn't responding.  After a hard 
> reboot (ughh), it ran again for a while (a few hours), then the same.  
> Anybody seen this before? (If it is on a FAQ somewhere, my apologies.  I 
> am new to Debian).  It could be a firmware issue, but I don't think so, 
> since I didn't see it when the box was running Solaris.

What type of NIC is it? Also, does the console still respond when this
happens? It's probably not the NIC. You need to add lots of specifics,
like kernel version, etc.

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