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Re: Installation Problem

I can't seem to find anything else wrong with this...

Ben mentioned the Boot Loader, how can I see if it's set up properly? I also tried setting up the first partition (starting at 0) as System Type Boot but that did not work.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

At 10:11 AM 2/11/2004, Ben Collins wrote:
On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 08:44:53AM -0800, Alex Flores wrote:
> Hello,
> I am attempting to install Debian 3.0 r1 on a E450 UltraSparc II.
> Everything seems to go fine but I do get an error. The error happens right
> after I select to option to "Configure Device Driver Modules".  The error
> is : "cannot create /proc/sys/kernel/modporbe : directory nonexistent".
> I am allowed to continue to I continue through the rest of the installation
> process and restart.  Upon restart I get this error: "the file just loaded
> does not appear to be executable".
> Now I am not sure if the first error is what is causing the second
> error.  I am new to SPARC/Solaris but not new to Linux.  I've used Linux
> (RedHat) extensively but not Debian and not on SPARC.
> Any help would be appreciated.

The first error means nothing. The second error sounds like you aren't
booting the correct disk, or that you didn't install the boot loader (or
the boot loader installed incorrectly). Try doing STOP-A at the OBP and
type "boot disk1".

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