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Re: vserver on sparc

On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 03:01:59PM +0100, Giovanni Scudeller wrote:
> i'm have a  sparc 1000 256mb kernel 2.4.21 with ctx patch
> i'm start the vserver have this message :
> public:~/util-vserver-0.28# vserver test start
> Starting the virtual server test
> Server test is not running
> Can't set the ipv4 root (Function not implemented)
> uname -a 
> Linux public 2.4.21-vs1.20 #1 Wed Feb 4 10:42:54 CET 2004 sparc
> debian 3.0
> patch ctx and util from linux-server.org
> about little ideas for this problem ?

Last week I started using vservers on my Sunblade 100 (512MB RAM) using
kernel 2.4.23.  It worked for me but I had to use an improved ctx patch
found at http://bugs.debian.org/226024.

Other than that, you might want to check that all of the other necessary
kernel options are on.  If you want, I can email you a copy of my kernel
config via private email.

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