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RE: xfree86 on ultra 60 with elite3d

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 06:14, Jon Kutassy wrote:
> >  What do you mean by "I've not yet been able to get the bootprom to sync
> > my monitor"
> I dont get to even see the OK> prompt at all. The first thing I see (under
> solaris) is the X login box, under Debian, I don't even see that. All
> configuration so far has been through ssh or serial console.

It is very important that your monitor be able to sync at 76 Hz.  If you
are using the Raritan APSSUN, it will _only_ sync at 76 Hz.  I had to
trade a monitor that could sync from 60-75 Hz for one that would go to
76 Hz for just that reason.


Chad Carr                                 ccarr@franzdoodle.com

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