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Re: Diskless NFS Root

On Friday 30 January 2004 18:02, jparvu@comcast.net wrote:
>      I am trying to install debian on a Sparc xterminal 1 and use NFS root
> & Swap I have succesfully booted to the install using TFTP but my question
> is how should I set up the NFS exports on the host can I start with an
> empty directory or do I have to put something in it.  If anyone knows of a
> good How-To that is related to Debian that would be a big help.

i found these links:
http://ldc.goe.net/ (german)
http://www.linux-hamburg.de/diskless/ldc/ (german, too)

here is my export (maybe it helps you):
/nfsroot/ddc  ,no_root_squash)
/usr          ,no_root_squash)
/opt          ,no_root_squash)

for the 'no_root_squash' option look at man exports


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