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Re: [Suns-at-Home] debian (IPX *and* ultra1) as mailserver


On Sat, 31 Jan 2004, Mauricio wrote:

> 	I have a little IPX running debian 3 at home and have been
> thinking on using it as my mail server.  What I would like it to do
> is to retrive my email from my different accounts out there (the one
> I am using right now would be an example), make them avaiable so I
> can check them either through pine or using eudora on my Mac, run
> spamassassin, *and* keep them separated by the account they are
> comming from (so when I reply, for instance, this very mail, my
> return address would be supremedalek@hotpop.com).  Can I do that in
> this little guy?

What you need is fetchmail, spamassassin, an IMAP+POP3 server, and some
good configuration files. I don't see why it couldn't work on this

> Also, at work I have an Ultra1 I would like to do the same.  I am
> still wondering if it would run Solaris or Debian though.  The main
> difference is there are more than 100 mail users there.  Also, they
> would probably be using Outlook or Mozilla to check their mails.
> Would the machine be up for the task?

Yes, with a fast enough hard disk and some RAM. You could eventually
consider reading some benchmarks between UW-IMAP and Cyrus IMAP.

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