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debian (IPX *and* ultra1) as mailserver

I have a little IPX running debian 3 at home and have been thinking on using it as my mail server. What I would like it to do is to retrive my email from my different accounts out there (the one I am using right now would be an example), make them avaiable so I can check them either through pine or using eudora on my Mac, run spamassassin, *and* keep them separated by the account they are comming from (so when I reply, for instance, this very mail, my return address would be supremedalek@hotpop.com). Can I do that in this little guy?

Also, at work I have an Ultra1 I would like to do the same. I am still wondering if it would run Solaris or Debian though. The main difference is there are more than 100 mail users there. Also, they would probably be using Outlook or Mozilla to check their mails. Would the machine be up for the task?

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