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Looking for hard drives for Sparcstation 20


About a year ago I got a SparcStation 20. The machine has two internal
hard drives, each 1 gig. I put Debian Woody on it - worked like a champ
of course - and fiddled around with the machine for a while.
Unfortunately the disk space on that machine is just so limited that I
haven't done much with the machine lately, so now I'm wanting to get
some larger hard drives for the machine and update my installation.

The machine needs to use SCSI drives with an 80-pin connector, and the
drives must be skinny - about 1" high or so. I've hunted around a bit
for drives like this, but not found much other than the drives Sun
offered for the machine way back when, and the largest of those was
about 4 Gig. I'm wanting to get at least 10 Gig per drive if possible.

I'm hoping that some of you can suggest a few places to look for drives
for this machine, or can recommend a specific drive or two in
particular. Thanks in advance.

Art Haas
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