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Re: Xfree86 and PCI domains on psarc.

On Wed,  7 Jan 2004 21:27:49 +0100
Vincent Magnin <sparc@lx-soft.com> wrote:

> The function linuxPciOpenFile(PCITAG tag) open a pci device like this:
> sprintf(file, "/proc/bus/pci/%02x/%02x.%1x", bus, dev, func);
> If we change this to use the right synthax, this should solve the bug:
> sprintf(file, "/proc/bus/pci/0000:%02x/%02x.%1x", bus, dev, func);

Nope, it won't work on my system where the PCI graphics cards are in
domain "0001"

Someone has to do the real work to make this code iterate over the
domain numbers.

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