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Re: Xfree86 and PCI domains on psarc.


> Willy showed me his pciutils sysfs hacks, that's all.
> He and I both agreed that really xfree86 should be using libpci to get
> at this kind of stuff, in the long term.

I just looked at the new X server (www.freedesktop.org). Its still using
the mmap(/dev/mem) hack and doesnt understand pci domains but the good
news is its _much_ simpler than XFree86 and we stand a good chance of
fixing it properly.

Really we need to fix libpci to understand pci domains (I just looked
into it, we really should add a domain field into /proc/bus/pci/devices).
If we also write libpci wrappers for the /proc/bus/pci ioctl code that
should solve all our problems.

Im not attached to any particular method of getting at this info
(/proc/bus/pci vs willy's sysfs stuff) but we need to have it all
abstracted by libpci or our lives will suck the next time we make an
interface change. 


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