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Re: most stable kernel for sparc32/SMP ?

Le 03.11.03, Mika Valtonen a tapoté :

| hi,


| I got a SPARCstation 20 two weeks ago (2 Processors(SuperSparc 50),
| 64M). Now I try to get the most stable combination of a recent debian

	I've got quite the same (2x75, 384M).

| I suppose there is a problem with newer versions of glibc. AFAIK some
| system calls are implemented in a different way in newer versions of
| glibc ?! That could be the cause of the problems with #4 as well.

	A lot of problems have been recently fixed, thanks to the devs !
	I don't have one anymore.

| Can anybody tell me how to get a reliable system of a 2.4 or newer
| kernel and a recent debian distribution ?

julie[~] uname -a
Linux julie 2.4.21 #1 SMP Thu Aug 7 19:29:27 EDT 2003 sparc GNU/Linux

julie[~] cat /etc/debian_version

julie[~] uptime
 08:09:35 up 11 days, 41 min,  2 users,  load average: 0.06, 0.16, 0.07

pps. Un mythe grandement exagéré veut que les Sun produisent un peu de
chaleur en fonctionnement. C'est bien sûr ridicule. Mais évite quand même
de poser ta main sur le capot sans gants de protection.
-+- MV in fcss : "en hiver, ce chauffage d'appoint ne sera pas inutile !" -+-
Ta mère elle debug du fortran 77.

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