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Re: [DebToo-Devel] Some benchmarks from using apt-fu + modified pentium-builder

Problem is current libssl package doesn't build in sparc32
environment.  There's a bug in the package build setup.

BTW, lsh was recommended and it works wonders.  Slightly
less than 2 seconds to setup ssh/cvs-over-ssh, which is
remarkably better than the 10 or so seconds for setting
up ssh via openssl.  My email TSL still routes via openssl/libssl
and takes the 10 seconds, but otherwise ...


Andrew Sharp wrote:

On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 12:16:24PM -0400, Heitzso wrote:
Eric Wong wrote:

I used very conservative optimizations, but nevertheless, it looks good
in some cases.


apt-fu and my modified pentium-builder available here:

Can your tools work in a debian-sparc environment?
And how do your tools differ from the apt-build
tools (both standard distribution and debtoo flavor)?

BTW, a simple integer math loop test on sparc32
dual hypersparc 150 cpus:
 gcc no optimizations or arch spec'ed --- 4:48 (4 minutes, 48 seconds)
 -O --- 0:18  (0 minutes, 18 seconds)
 -O1 --- 0:18
 -O2 --- 0:18
 -O2 -mv8 --- 0:12
 -O2 -mv8 -mcpu=hypersparc --- 0:12
 -O2 -mv8 -mcpu=hypersparc -mtune=hypersparc --- 0:12
 -Os --- 0:24
 -mv8 --- 3:50 (experiment, just arch no optimizations)

Did you try -mv8+ ?  Is there such a thing?

It appears that source build tailored to -mv8 should
yield some speedup over -mv7 flavor distributed.
I'm still trying to get a ssh logon to my ss20 to drop
down to a few seconds.  Somewhat frustrating for every
cvs/email/ssh (all using ssl) to take about 10 seconds for
the ssl to setup.

libssl is the thing.  a long time ago i built the libssl packages for
mv8+ and put them on my website, but that was many security and other
changes ago.  the point being that if you can't find any prebuilt
packages by searching these archives or with google, then it is
perfectly possible to do it yourself.  i think various people have also
posted on this list what the changes are to build that lib with those
compiler switches.

This might be good for a starting place:



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