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Re: smaller kernel images (Image too large to fit in destination)

>I'm running a SUN Ultra Enterprise2 on Debian/unstable with
>Right after upgrading from version 32 of kernel-2.4.21-sparc64-smp to
>version 33 I got
>Fatal error: Image too large to fit in destination
>at the boot prompt. 
>Searching the archives told me, that a kernel kernel compiled make image
>would help.
>So my question here:
>Are there any Debian kernel packages compiled with 'make image'?

Not sure about that, but you can try to strip the image manually (as
suggested by BenC). Run the command

strip -R .comment -R .note vmlinux -o vmlinux.stripped

on the installed image and see whether it gets smaller. However, I
would assume that it's stripped already.


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