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Re: 2.6.0-test6

> I'm using gcc3 (ln -s) and it's stock sparc64 beyond that. The sparc port seems to have issues with gcc/register clobbers, I haven't dug up the patch for that. 

You never said what ver of Debian-sparc you are running. If you are
using gcc-3, I hope you are using atleast 3.3.2.

> Biggest complaint: Small allowable kernel size, about 3.5 meg.~1.42Meg gzipped. I'm debating trying to delve into the mysteries of OBP/SILO/Boottime mem management and see if there is some kind of workaround.

When you build your kernel, do "make image" and use the
arch/sparc64/boot/image file to boot from. It gets stripped of all the
normal symbols that just bloat the image.

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