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RE: [gentoo-sparc] more info re hypersparc smp w/ 2.4.23-pre5

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> From: Heitzso
> Out of curiosity ...
>   - vanilla being straight from kernel.org

yup, no additional patches.

>   - compiled with what compiler if you compiled?

I'm pure Debian Stable, so I guess 2.95.

>   - and headless or framebuffered?

Mainly headless, but I have the exact same behavior when connected to the
monitor. TGX is always in anyway.

> BTW, I'm running straight debian unstable with
> custom compiled SMP 2.2.25 from kernel.org.  Since
> this 2.2.25 kernel doesn't crash at INIT on the way up
> I'ld guess it isn't the INIT code per se. ??

Maybe INIT uses kernel stuff that varies between 2.2 and 2.4...

And INIT is fragile. It doesn't like to respawn stuff too often and too
fast. It breaks when respawning virtual consoles when the system is
headless. I had to use a pice of code that checks the presence of the
keyboard and stops respawning the virtual consoles if running headless.

> Just trying to add data points.

Understood... me too


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