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Re: [gentoo-sparc] ss20 dual ross hypersparc; smp; 2.4/2.6 kernel

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 09:53:21AM -0400, Heitzso wrote:

> I'm wanting to setup SMP on a dual ross hypersparc ss20
> with 2.4 or 2.6 kernel to be able to use iptables, etc.
> (SOHO firewall/router/web server)

You can try 2.4, although 2.4 SMP is known to hang after a while, at
least with ext3 filesystems.  2.6 is totally broken SMP and barely
functional UP.

> Because I'm familiar with debian (have had on my dev 386 box
> for a long time) I went with debian install.  I'm cross posting
> because debian/gentoo are the two active sparc development

If the Debian folks want to be dropped from replies, just say the

> discussed.  I tried compiling 2.6.0-test5 w/ both 2.95
> and 3.3.2 gcc without luck.  Compiles broke fairly early.

Yes, major breakage, known problem.  I don't believe anyone has the
knowledge and time to fix this; if you can help please let me know
privately and I'll try to get you started.

> I checked the changelog for 2.4.23 patch 5 and noticed
> numerous gcc and sparc changes so attempted to compile
> that version of the kernel.  At the moment using the 3.3.2
> version of gcc.

I know of no specific problems with 3.3, although there were a few
patches needed for string formatting and asm clobbers, which went in

> With 2.4.23 p5 ...
> device.c linux_cpus type collides with smp.h's version
> smp.h's seems to be picking up the new config setting
> via NR_CPUS while neither sparc nor sparc64 flavors do.
> I altered the linux_cpus line in
> 	arch/sparc/kernel/device.c
> and the compile went to completion.  I gather that
> several individuals on these lists contribute to sparc
> kernel development effort so ... if someone could
> slip this patch into the code base that would be
> great.  Thanks!

Please send your patch to sparclinux@vger.kernel.org (this is where
sparc kernel development happens) in unified format and we'll be happy
to evaluate and then apply it.

> Next note is 'make bzImage' doesn't work in this
> version of the kernel.  A simple 'make' builds
> vmlinux and I (believe, haven't tried) can work
> from there.  NOTE I assume this is not related
> to sparc architecture but have not tracked it down.

It is.  Just use the default target on sparc (type "make").  For 2.6
be aware that arch/sparc/boot/Image is the correct kernel, not

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