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Re: cannot find sparc64.gz

On Wednesday 20 August 2003 00:37, Martin wrote:

> What sort of tasks?  I can believe heavily FP intensive tasks (like
> multimedia) are easier on an Athlon (even better on a PPC 9450 Iwould
> have thought) but I find that the significant cache on the processor I'm
> using makes a big difference on lots of other stuff.  Plus the lower (in

I'm very much less of a x86 lover (otherwise, I won't be using a Sun 
workstation instead of a cheap WalMart PC with Lindows (:
I also know that my U10 can't be rocket fast like a new SunBlade, but 
currently I'm experiencing some difficulties getting some activities done.
I'll try to use external SCSI disks in order to offload the CPU from the hard 
work of managing an IDE controller that isn't capable of Ultra DMA (even if 
my workstation was shipped with two Ultra DMA Seagate drives). Most of my 
everyday activities include software compilation and movie playback, and I 
just would like to render my box able to do this in a timely fashion.
I haven't the possibility to get a more performing video card, so I'll try to 
optimize my current hardware (I'm about to add a 256-Mb RAM expension) and my 
current software, that is basically Debian Gnu/Linux. I already set up 
production machines with Debian on Sparc in my corporate environment and both 
me and my company are completely satisfied with the achieved results.

Moreover, as I posted before, I noted some strange messages in the kernel 
while playing video files.. maybe solving this issue may be the silver 
bullet, combined with the adoption of SCSI drives.

> might help this sort of app.  Any idea where the bottlenecks on this are
> / have you odne any code profiling?

At the moment, I can only say, with a reasonable amount of background, that 
the system is slow during video decoding (MPEGx at least) probably due to DMA 
issues between the IDE controller and the PCI integrated video controller. 
I'll surely investigate more in the future.


Antonello Iunco <etn at libero dot it>
Cruising the Web on a (Modified) Debian-Powered Sun Ultra10

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