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>>> Steven Wilcoxon <swilcoxon@soncom.com> 08/13/03 23:38 PM >>>
I don't have the complete solution, but this information should point
you in 
the right direction if someone else doesn't supply the exact command
you get the answer.

The issue is that the OBP process sets the MAC address of all nics to
same value by default. In the OBP documentation, there is a setting you
set to prevent that from happening.

On Wednesday 13 August 2003 22:40, David Demland wrote:
> I have a SPARC 5 that I just got a SBUS 100T NIC for. I installed it
and it
> seems to work because I get no errors about the second NIC. I am using
> PMFirewall to configure the ipchains on the box. The box does not seem
> route. When I do an ifconfig I see both interfaces, eth0 and eth1. The
> interfaces have the same MAC address. How do I tell if both NICs are
> working and how why would ifconfig show the same MAC addresses unless
> was a problem?
> David Demland


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