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Re: Kernel recompile issues on a SS20

install the kernel package .deb and run

make kpkg   after doing your make menuconfig.. works great

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From: "Rob Wultsch" <robert.wultsch@asu.edu>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 6:08 PM
Subject: Kernel recompile issues on a SS20

> I am trying to compile a 2.4.19 for a ss20 and I am running into a
> couple problems. More than anything else "make bzImage" does not appear
> to work. It spits out 2 lines and does not want to do anything more. It
> will compile "make vmlinux" just fine though. Is there some preequiste
> that I need for for the one that the other does not need?
> The first kernel I compiled was 3.6 megs, so I made one that made use of
> modules and it is just under 2.6 megs, but silo is telling me that it is
> still to large.
> I have read several *fine* guides to kernel recompiles, incuding one for
> sparc, and I have not the faintest what is this things deal. Right now
> it is basicly a vanilly woody install with the only the developers
> packages insalled.
> Thanks for any possible help, even if it not helpful.
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