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Re: Solaris 9 box as bootp/tftpd server to install debian in SS1+

Mauricio wrote...
> 	Done and I kill'ed -HUP inetd so to make that change active.

OK cool.

> 	Since the IP address I gave to the SS1+ is, I guess 
> the filename then becomes A0000011.SUN4M.  So, I symbolically linked 
> the file:

Looks good..

> I am afraid I am still having the very same problem:
> ok boot net
> Booting from: le(0,0,0)
> Got error packet: Error Code 2 Message: Access violationreceive failed
> Boot load failed
> ok

What are the permissions on /tftpboot on the tftp server?
Also, can you tcpdump between the tftpserver and the client?
Often you'll see the error from the tcpdump output.


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