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Kernel panic when boting install cd


I am new to the sparc architecture, so maybe my question is a newbie

I am currently trying to install Debian Woody on my SparcStation10 (with two

I downloaded the isos (a while ago, it is not a 3.0r1) and entered boot
prompt (boot prom ?) :
<#0> ok boot cdrom

Note : the CDrom is an external sony box. (scsi id 6)

The boot sequence goes well and after detecting nic interfaces and checking
what partitions there is in the hard drive, I'm asked for the root floppy.

Exactly if was installing debian with floppy.

Hitting enter just result in a kernel panic, which is normal because it
doesn't find the root floppy.

Any idea of what's happening ? Any advice ?

Thank you


Emmanuel Lesouef
Association CaLviX
Caen - 14000 (France)
Clé GPG : http://www.elesouef.info/elesouef.asc
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