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Unable to use smbfs even though compiled in.

I have been trying to compile a kernel to be used on several Ultra 5s in
my schools computer science lab. One of the main reasons I need to
recompile the kernel is so that smbfs will be supported. Although the
kernel compiles and is usable, smbfs is not supported: 

	ERROR: smbfs filesystem not supported by the kernel 
	Please refer to the smbmnt(8) manual page 
	smbmnt failed: 255 

This happens whether I've selected it to be compiled into the kernel, or
as a module. 

I've been searching everywhere for some solution, but have found none
that work. I've even mailed this list several times with my current
problems (see below), but still found no solution. I really need some
help with this as there is currently no means on my campus for students
to become familiar with Linux. It will most likely stay this way if I
don't change it as I am the only student who uses Linux and has control
over what goes on lab computers.

Could someone please help me resolve this problem, even if it's just
pointing me to some existing kernel .debs .

Thank you,
Rob Mosher

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