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Re: Performance Question

I realize it's not really Sparc specifc, but I didn't know if recompiling it
with gcc-3.3 would help any. I was hoping someone would have done some speed
testing with the different versions of gcc.


Quoting Patrick Morris <trick@adonis.net>:

> You might try asking about this on the Courier IMAP list:
> http://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/courier-imap
> Your problem's not really specific to Sparc (or even Linux), and you're 
> probably much more apt to get a good answer there.
> Jim Crilly wrote:
> >The problem now is that on the really large mailboxes (the cut off seems to
> be
> >around 9K messages) the sort capability causes problems with IMP because it
> >takes so long. 
> >

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