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Performance Question

I recently setup Courier-IMAP on a Ultra2 with 2x300Mhz CPUs because the old
slower hardware and wu-imapd/mbox setup was just getting too slow. For the most
part the combination of newer hardware and Maildir was a big difference,
especially on bigger mailboxes.

The problem now is that on the really large mailboxes (the cut off seems to be
around 9K messages) the sort capability causes problems with IMP because it
takes so long. If I disable server-side sorting it's magnitudes faster, but IMP
loses some functionality. I don't think there's much I can do since it just
takes a long time for imapd to sort 9K messages, but I thought I'd ask anyway
incase I'm missing something. Recompiling the package wouldn't help anything,
right? Would a different imap daemon do better?

Thanks for any input,

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