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Re: Performance on Sparc Ultra 10

On 19 Jun 2003, Steve Pacenka wrote:

> Data density difference on a track?  From its name, this test would be
> writing a block much larger than the on-drive buffer and should be
> limited by the rate at which the drive can write to whole tracks on a
> platter, and seek between nearby tracks.  More data per track = fewer
> seeks.
> Another thing that could be limiting might be file fragmentation on the
> drive.  The partition I used has had little written to it ever.
Hmmm, the machine had a Solars x.y installed a 7 days ago and got a clean
Debian Woody install after an fdisk and formating the partitions with ext3fs.
Thus fragmentation is no argument at all - ext3fs might come to mind as
probable show stopper for this single test ...

> My U10 does file, IMAP, apache, and print server duty most of the time.
> It provides a decently responsive 1600x1200 15 bit GUI when needed.
> These things must have been ~$5K engineering or financial workstations
> originally.
On my machine a (not yet used Apache) and a Zope based Content Management
System (ZMS) which is the primary work of the box.  No X11, no database servers
or other stuff is running.

Kind regards


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