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Re: Ultra 60 'boot cdrom' Woes...

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 04:03:06PM -0500, Chuck Brown wrote:
> I am able to read the CD in my Windows2k machine and browse the directories.
> Alas, I do not have another bootable Solaris CD to try.  If you know where I
> could get an image of one, I'll burn it to disk and give it a try.
> Thanks!
> P.S.  I'm browsing through the OpenBoot Diagnostics manual right now.  See?
> I've already learned a bunch. <grin>

It might be a case of old hardware.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that
there used to be CDROM drives out there that had trouble reading CD-RW's
and even CD-R disks.  If the drive in your ultra-60 is that old, then
you need to replace it with a newer one, or netboot the machine and do
the install that way.



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