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RE: Kernel 2.4.21 does not work on my SS20

Got the same problem here...

The machine randonly hangs at the INIT stage during boot.

INIT seems to be shaky on Woody stable for Sparc, as it really doesn;t like
respawning processes too quickly (I had the problem with the virtual
consoles when booting without keyboard).

Once the machine passes the initial INIT, it is rock stable...until the next

I had that with stock stable kernels, my own kernel, and the OSInvestor
kernels, all 2.4.x SMP, on an SS20, dual Ross 150MHz (single modules) and
128 MB of RAM.

Luckily, I don't need to reboot too often too often.

Linux rdo 2.4.20smp #1 SMP Sat Nov 30 18:26:58 EST 2002 sparc unknown
08:34:32 up 57 days, 19:34,  1 user,  load average: 0.33, 0.15, 0.08


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Erwan MAS
> I have a SS20 with 2xROSS HyperSparc@100MHZ .
> I boot on the kernel. the kernel
> detect all the hardware .
> I see the line "Freeing unused kernel memory: 176k freed" .
> But after nothing .
> I haved boot with kerenl argument "console=ttya" .
> One time the system haved  boot on kernel 2.4.21 ( rc7 deb from
> http://osinvestor.com/sparc/debs/ ) .
> But I can not repeat it .
> My system is debian/stable .

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