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Re: Debian 3.0 on Netra X1, installs but won't run

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 07:59:41AM -0700, Marc Singer wrote:
> I've done more exploration.
> Someone suggested that the problem is that the CDROM is an IDE master.
> When I change the CDROM to a slave, the Netra X1 refuses to recognize
> it.  In other words, the Netra *requires* that the CDROM be an IDE
> master.

Just skip those damn cd-drives. I stopped using/ordering them a long
time ago. The normal drives are just working fine, but those in the 1U
machines are just blenders when you here them.
> I notice that both activity lights on the network interfaces flash
> when the driver is loaded.  Is this expected behavior?  The flashing
> stops when I insert a network cable connected to a hub/switch.  

Yes, it is and you see on the console why. If you hate the flashes,
just bring the interface(s) down.

> At this point, I'm out of ideas.  Thanks for the help.

Just set up a jumpstart-server. You need rarp, tftp and the images
from Ben if I'm not mistaken.


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