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SILO problems on an E450

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I'm currently trying to install Debian on a Sun Enterprise 450 with a 
SCSI drive. OpenBSD's bootloader has worked fine in the past, but when 
trying to install silo, it seems that nothing ever gets written onto the 
disk; when booting, OpenBoot can't recognize any valid boot loader on 
the drive. I've tried versions of silo all the way up to 1.3.0, and 
not a single one of them ever prints an error; strace seems to show that 
silo is writing stuff to the disk, but booting is never successful. The 
disk can be written to perfectly fine, and can be mounted from the 
a SPARC netinst CD shell.

Any suggestions? I'm really stumped on this and I've tried everything I 
could think of.

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