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Re: [debian-sparc] Which is best distro for Ultra 10


On Tue, 3 Jun 2003, Amit Mehra wrote:

> Thank you very much for your reply. I am new to Sun and systems and hence

Sun *and* systems? You're new to computers?

> these questions. In order to start my work on this I need to first find out
> the Sun system configuration I am using. What I know is its a Sun Ultra10 (4
> PCI, SPARC-IIi 300MHz and 256 RAM). Which I found after looking at the system
> and then while scanning the messages file.


> -  Debian Linux distro available on debian site is for SPARC so will this work
> on this ULTRA10 machine?

Your Ultra10 *is* a Sparc machine. In fact, it's an UltraSparc machine (64
bits). So Debian *will* work on it.

> -  The application which I want to port uses C/C++, Informix7.1, DataView (for
> GUI features). This application is originally built on HP-UX 10.20. So is
> Debian a good choice?

Wrong question. The good one is: will you be able to rewrite or work
around everything that doesn't exist yet under Linux for Sparc? For
example, I don't know if Informix or DataView have been ported to this
architecture/OS combination. If not, will you be able to work around
them? Debian or another Linux distro, that's not important.

> - The application(Switch Surveillance system used for Telecom Network
> Management)  has major control through the GUI features, so will Debian be the
> right disrto to use?

Why couldn't it be? Debian is a good choice if you're smart enough to port
your software. Aurora or any other Linux distribution will lead to the
same questions and answers.

> - Are there any porting guidelines document available? If yes then where can I
> find them?

A good C or C++ compiler, a good debugger, a good documentation of your
product, and a lot of cleverness. That's all you need.

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