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Re: woody doesn't support port forwarding??

On Sun, Jun 01, 2003 at 02:42:11PM -0400, Blake Meike wrote:
> Hey,
>   I'd really like to use Debian on my SPARC firewall (I'd been using RH 
> 6.2).  Unfortunately, it appears that it is not compiles with the 
> ip_masq_portfw module.  I've seen a couple of queries about this on 
> this list, but no answers.  I did find a version of the module, 
> compiled for the 2.2.20 kernel) in a Slackware distribution, but I'm 
> getting unresolved symbol when I try to load it.
>   I'd appreciate any help anyone could give me in getting port 
> forwarding running.

Just recompile a new kernel with the options you want enabled.

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