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Why did I get no response? Was:Understanding the porting process

Hello guys!

Why did I get no respone on my question(s) of yesterday morning?
(I search the failures here on my side first!)
Is it because my English is bad? (But many native English speakers told me that my skill in this language is enough so that my writings can be understood by the readers.)
Is it because my questions are so stupid? ( But a user posted some hours after me a question here asking if this is the right place even he has not the right Linux skills. He got immediate response by four or five people until now. I tried to make all things right by first reading manuals, a book and this list and then I posted here. I got no response. Where is my failure? )
Is it because I post under a nick name? (When M$ forces their software to get all the 'real' information about users the open source community cries "I want to be anonymous on the net".
When someone uses this right to be anonymous then he get no answer, no help. A paradox here?)

I am just searching for knowledge here. Please tell me my failures so I can correct them, so that I get my answers and will be able to help people soon, too.

Thank you

<debian_noob@web.de> schrieb am 29.05.03 11:11:56:
> Hello to all Woody and Sparc Fans!
> I want to understand the porting process so I began with C and systems programming.
> And I purchased a Sun Ultra5 with Solaris8 preinstalled.
> Now I want to get the GNU tools and the Linux Kernel and compile them part for part(on the Solaris-Ultra5) so that lastly I get a Linux-Ultra5. (The reason I ask here is because I want to base my work on the source packages of Woody and after compiling package the software to deb's just to understand how this works).
> My problem:
> Where should I begin? What tools or libraries should I compile first?
> I think the most important tools and libraries are gcc and glibc.
> But what compile options should I choose to compile from a Solaris to a Linux machine?
> Can someone give me some hints and tips (or a URL to a document describing this kind of work), please?
> I thank you for reading my mail
> I thank you for answering 
> With best regards
> your debian_noob
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