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Re: Software RAID on UltraLinux 2.4.18/19 needs patch, or use 2.4.20+

Philip L. McMahon said:
> Nate,
> I experienced a similar problem on my Ultra 30 a while back. As I
> recall, I would get a similar oops when I tried to write to the drives,
> even though they would mount successfully. Kernel version 2.4.20 (and
> above) solved the problem; a patch is needed for prior versions. I'm
> currently running 2.4.20 with some mirrored and some striped software
> RAID devices with Ext3 and ReiserFS volumes. The system was similarly
> configured under 2.4.18 as well.

has it been stable for you since? I *just* finished reinstalling
(4th time) on my ultra 1 i suppose I could start fresh again ....

thanks for the info! I really do wanna use software raid if it works.
for 2.4.20 are you using the vanilla kernel from kernel.org or some
other version?


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