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Software RAID on UltraLinux 2.4.18/19 needs patch, or use 2.4.20+


I experienced a similar problem on my Ultra 30 a while back. As I recall,
I would get a similar oops when I tried to write to the drives, even
though they would mount successfully. Kernel version 2.4.20 (and above)
solved the problem; a patch is needed for prior versions. I'm currently
running 2.4.20 with some mirrored and some striped software RAID devices
with Ext3 and ReiserFS volumes. The system was similarly configured under
2.4.18 as well.

For pre-2.4.20 versions, you'll need this patch:


I wrote up a short HOWTO a while back, and if you'll overlook the
shameless self-promotion, you can find a copy on my website:


I had also posted the HOWTO to the Debian Sparc list:


- Philip L. McMahon

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