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IEEE1394 + 2.4.20 compile problem on/for sun4u

I'm trying to compile a kernel that will support the OHCI firewire card I just purchased (to interface with an iPod :)

I can't seem to get a post 2.4.19 kernel to compile, and that's what I need to support IEEE1394 properly with hotplug. (or so I've garnered from the documentation)

On the note of compiling 2.4.20, has anybody successfully compiled a 2.4.20 kernel with ieee1394 support (with sbp2)?

I'm using the "make-kpkg --subarch=sun4u --arch_in_name --revision=custom.1 kernel_image" method of compiling a kernel.

I've also tried 2.4.21pre5, and have gotten the same problem.

I get this error with the 2.4.20 kernel which seems to be a problem with the sbp2 driver option: drivers/ieee1394/ieee1394drv.o(.text+0x14350): In function `sbp2_handle_physdma_read':
: undefined reference to `_mcount'
drivers/ieee1394/ieee1394drv.o(.text+0x1435c): In function `sbp2_handle_physdma_read':
: undefined reference to `bus_to_virt_not_defined_use_pci_map'
drivers/ieee1394/ieee1394drv.o(.text+0x14388): In function `sbp2_query_logins':

(with more undefined reference to _mcount problems)
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