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Re: Compiling kernel on Ultra-2

On Sat, May 24, 2003 at 08:20:09PM -0700, Jackle wrote:
> If you are compiling a kernel for UltraSPARC you will
> need to be sure you have installed the egcs64 package.
> This is the preferred compiler for 64bit SPARC
> kernels. The default gcc will also compile 64bit
> kernels, but is not as stable. Plus, if you do not use
> egcs64 and you encounter kernel problems, you will
> most likely be asked to recompile the kernel using
> egcs64 in order to verify your problem still exists.
> After installing egcs64 be sure to run
> update-alternatives --config sparc64-linux-gcc as
> root, and be sure that egcs64 is being used for this
> program.

You are missing one important bit of information. Latest gcc in unstable
is gcc-3.3, which supports 64bit compiled, but it cannot compile working

Problem is that even if you have egcs64 installed, the kernel make
system will detect gcc as suitable and not bother with
sparc64-linux-gcc. That's why I said, and I'll repeat, you need to add
CC=sparc64-linux-gcc to your environment, or edit arch/sparc64/Makefile
and delete the CC= line and add CC=sparc64-linux-gcc

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