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Re: Phoenix on linux/sparc

satadru pramanik said:
> Here's a version compiled for my ultra10, your mileage with this may vary.
> http://dhcp-155.snre.umich.edu:24602/firebird.tgz
> The swf_play plugin is already in the plugins dir.
> You will probably want to extract this in /usr and start by running
> /usr/firebird/MozillaFirebird

thanks for the quick replies!

I will try the above, at the same time I am also compiling from source
using the debian source packags mentioned by Irvin as well, wonder if it will
be done by the time I get into the office on tuesday :)
(143Mhz 256MB)

having to download the above from my home system seems the firewall
at the office is a bit strict, but i will get it!

thanks again


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